Who We Are

Our passion for building excellence has its rewards

At Michael Toubia Construction, one of the rewards of building exceptional homes is the satisfaction of a job well done. We love detail. We love craftsmanship. We enjoy the building process and get a great sense of satisfaction in stepping back and reflecting on what we have achieved. Our insistence on quality and our hands-on approach working together as a team has driven our success. We challenge ourselves to build something unique. When you have the right people around you it can be achieved.

Award Winning

The South Australian Housing Industry Association agrees, awarding Michael Toubia Construction with Best Custom Built Home over $850,000/$700,000, Custom Built Home Builder of the year and South Australian Home of the Year in 2004 and once again in 2010. “It’s not about awards for us” said Michael, “but it’s good to have the recognition. This is the standard we will continue to set, it’s where we want to build our reputation and business.” As a builder since 1989 Michael Toubia is proud to have been honoured with the industry’s highest awards.


Teamwork includes the owner, builder, architect, interior designer, sub-contractors and suppliers. Each of us can bring our own qualities into the job to deliver an outstanding result. While we embrace the old-fashioned values of hard work, attention to detail and craftsmanship, it is our modern thinking that gives us an edge in today’s market. We embrace new dimensions in design and have developed an assured direction toward energy efficiency and home automation. This has contributed to earning our company the highest industry accolades for excellence. Our company is passionate about what we do. Whatever your design, we realise it with superior construction quality.